Case Study - Strategic Review

Strategic Review For Saudi Minerals And Mining Sector





A case study for the minerals industry

Strategic Review For Saudi Minerals And Mining Sector

A group of Saudi investors was considering a major investment in metals and minerals exploitation and down-stream processing of construction materials in Saudi Arabia.

The investor group company wished to provide state-of-the-art manufacturing, production and management services to cover the areas of mining and raw materials extraction, down-stream construction materials production and related management and logistical services.

Prior to a decision to create a new venture, the company wished to undertake a high-level strategic review with the aim of providing a full analysis of the range of metals and minerals that were present and available for exploitation in Saudi Arabia.


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The aim was to investigate, analyse the need and potential for a major new undertaking that would be capable of competing with international rivals in the minerals and mining field.

ASA Consulting carried out a macro level assessment (geology, local deposits, applications, consumption, production international foreign trade statistics) covering barite, basalt, bauxite, feldspar, gold, gypsum, kaolin, manganese, nickel, silver, silica, talc and titanium.

Extensive fieldwork was additionally conducted in Saudi Arabia, including liaison with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Directorate General of Mineral Resources in Jeddah and Saudi Industrial Development Fund in Riyadh.

As a result of the initial analysis and investigation of minerals-based investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, it was decided to move forward to an outline economic assessment of silica industries based on the primary processing of silica sand and of quartz or quartzite.

The principal investment opportunities identified related to the exploitation of Saudi silica sand, quartz or quartzite reserves and were identified by ASA Consulting as:

  • Mining and primary processing - high purity silica sand, oil and gas sands, silica flour
  • Downstream processing - silica based industries:
    • Commercial soda-lime glass.
    • Silicates (sodium silicate, potassium silicate)
    • Speciality silicas - high purity fused silica, precipitated silica, silica gel
    • Silicon based industries - ferrosilicon and silicon alloys, silicon metal, fumed silica
    • Silica chemicals (Silanes) - high purity polycrystalline silicon (Polysilicon)
    • Silicones