Case Study - Market Study

Market Study for Saudi Large Diameter Steel Pipes






A case study for the steel industry

The aim of the assignment was to provide a leading Saudi steel trading company and German technology company with an analysis of the structure, trends and nature of the Saudi market for longitudinal submerged arc welded (LSAW) pipes in sufficient detail to facilitate a decision on market entry.

pipes on palate at building site




The study had the following specific key objectives in relation to the Saudi LSAW pipes market:

  • Provide an insight into the Saudi LSAW pipes market segment, describing current trends, future opportunities and competitive risks associated with market entry
  • Determine current and future projected demand for LSAW pipes with reference to the key local and international players active in this market
  • Identify the present competitive position including any forthcoming competitive threats to the proposed new undertaking

The market study concentrated on LSAW pipes in a size range from 16 to 62 inches with a wall thickness range up to 2 inches. Demand for LSAW pipes was viewed in the context of competitive steel pipe products, namely helical or spiral welded SAW pipes and electro-resistance welded (ERW) pipes.

The market research fieldwork in Saudi Arabia included oil and gas industry operators, steel pipe manufacturers and financial and government institutions.