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Drone Racing



ASA Consulting Advisory Services is seeking investment and sponsorship for a new youth sports drone racing investment centred on Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East.

A new drone racing concept is being developed by a leading industry player that has already achieved success in the competitive drone racing world championships over recent years.

Drone racing is a relatively new, fast growing, youth orientated, high-tech sport that we believe fits well with Saudi Arabian aims to become a global hub for sport that unites communities, enables active, balanced lifestyles and accelerates innovation.

Within the international drone racing industry there exists an opportunity for a new international drone racing league with Saudi participation and an orientation on the Middle East region.

The new league would comprise an international annual series of drone race events in Europe, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries that will later be expanded to SE Asia.

Very strong revenue generation opportunities exist from multiple sources including sponsorship, broadcasting, eSports and gaming, OTT income, race event revenues and merchandising.

Participation in this drone racing opportunity is being offered by means of investment in this business venture to Middle East or other investors including an opportunity for a leading private sector or government organisation to become the official sponsoring partner.

A principle aim of the venture will be to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia to overseas markets, in particular USA, Europe and the Far East, whilst providing a new and exciting form of sports related entertainment and skills development for Saudi youth.

The proposed scheme envisages a series of drone race events at landmark Saudi locations to showcase Saudi cultural heritage;

  • Madain Saleh (Hegra)
  • Al-Oula (Medina Region)
  • Diriyah, Riyadh City Centre (Central Province)
  • Jeddah waterfront (Western Province)

The project sponsors also foresee race events being organised at GCC and Middle East locations:

  • UAE - Dubai Creek
  • Kuwait – Kuwait Towers
  • Bahrain – Corniche
  • Oman – Qalhat
  • Egypt - Pyramids
  • Jordan – Petra
  • Morocco – Volubilis

Please direct all investment enquiries or questions about our feasibility studies in Saudi Arabia and our other services to enquiries@asaconsulting-me.com.