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Litigation Funding in Saudi Arabia






How we can assist your business with legal disputes in the Middle East

ASA Consulting advises companies engaged in legal disputes that are seeking funds for purposes of litigation funding in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

This is likely to be relevant in the case of large international construction or other commercial disputes that are subject to international arbitration or court proceedings in a suitable jurisdiction.

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Our London and Middle East based partners have substantial capital for investment in commercial litigation and arbitration. They have a very high win rate, and are prepared to:

  • Undertake non-recourse case funding from £10,000 to over £10 million
  • Finance incurred legal fees and disbursements (e.g. pre-action correspondence costs or Council's opinion on prospects/ quantum). Any such costs are later deducted from any award of damages


It is important that the substantive governing law must be English and therefore the seat of arbitration relevant. In addition:

  • Cases must require more than £100,000 in funding
  • The claimant party must be solvent
  • The counter party must be credit worthy.
  • In return for finance, the funding organisation would retain a share of damages
  • Cases must be valid, low risk, resolved quickly, with big enough prospective settlements or damages to satisfy both funders and claimants