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Tech Start-Ups in Saudi Arabia






How we can help your tech business with joint venture partnerships

ASA Consulting Advisory Services can develop a business support roadmap for tech start-ups in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. This covers partnership and company formation, an IP protection roadmap and project feasibility to support an application for business financing.

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Partnership and Company Formation Strategy

  • Partnership strategy – Drafting agreements for the partners and accounting for the future development of the business, including exit horizons.
  • Company formation – A strategy for the type and location of the company including Articles of Association and a Shareholder Agreement.
  • Location for company formation with reference to the applicable tax incentives for tech start-ups.

IP Protection Roadmap

  • Patent registration – The preparation of an application for international patent protection, with a view to filing patent applications through a preferred patent lawyer. This includes parent research and costings.
  • Protecting by copyright the product brand and design, to include brand name, copyright research and costings for regional and international markets.
  • Commercialise IP – Determine how best to sell the right to software content, know-how and other creative output, either by the transfer of full ownership of the IP rights or use of a licence to allow use without changing ownership. This will also include user terms and conditions.

The business support roadmap includes a feasibility study to act in support of an application for business finance to financial institutions. This includes:

  • Market and strategic marketing planning
  • A techno-economic study covering the business process and company operations
  • Financial analysis and projections

The key aims of the market and marketing strategy study are to confirm the market potential for the introduction of a new product or service, determine the most appropriate pricing strategy and delivery strategy and assess market potential by target market sector.


A techno-economic study for the commercial product or service business would cover:


Technology appraisal

To assess the suitability for the intended application in international markets

Business Process:

  • Web design and development
  • Web application development
  • Enterprise ecommerce strategy formulation
  • Bespoke database design
  • Customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning
  • Customer portal software development
  • Operational system implementation
  • Application support and software maintenance

Computing and other equipment

This is based on expected user capacity, sales throughput and process technology, covering:

  • Computers and equipment with specification and performance characteristics
  • Telecommunications, electrical and service utilities

Office Accommodation

Evaluation of the office facilities necessary to accommodate the business in an appropriate location with rental costs.

Operating costs estimates

  • Telecommunications, electrical and other utilities
  • Office overheads
  • General and administrative expenses
  • Management, sales and marketing fees
  • Professional fees - legal, accounting and taxes
  • Office pre-operating costs

Organisation and Manning

  • Organisation structure and office personnel requirement
  • A breakdown of manpower costs for management and employees with salaries and benefits

Implementation Schedule

Timescale for the actions necessary to implement the project including:

  • Company formation and IP protection
  • Equipment procurement and office set-up
  • Recruitment and training of office personnel
  • Pre-operational marketing


In addition a complete financial evaluation of the business provides the basis for business funding applications.